Robust Analytics. Modern Technologies. Deep Business Expertise.

Pareto rises above the rest because we exist at the intersection of robust analytics, industry-leading technology solutions, and deep business expertise. The combination of these strengths allow us to solve our clients’ most complex problems by delivering modern, artificial intelligence-enabled technology solutions to over 40 healthcare clients with proven success.

Focused on the "Vital Few"

Believe it or not, “Pareto” is not a made up word. It is a reference to the Pareto Principle. Founded by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, and also known as the 80/20 rule, the Pareto Principle states that 20% of your inputs account for 80% of your outputs. That 20% is referred to as the “vital few,” which has become core to our culture. By using data analytics to help our clients focus on the “vital few” activities, we enable them to achieve maximum outcomes at the lowest possible investment.

Since the launch of Pareto, we have quickly become one of the industry’s leading healthcare analytics and technology companies. Our ability to solve the biggest challenges facing healthcare organizations through creative, innovative, data-driven solutions has set us apart from any other partner in this space.


5:1 to 20:1 ROI

on average for clients across all solutions.


approved technologies powering our solutions, driving more value for our clients than the competition.


healthcare clients, including 15 out of the top 20 largest health plans in the nation.


in financial opportunity identified by our solutions, both in recoveries and in adjustments due to compliance risk.

Security is our top priority

From in motion and at rest encryption to third-party penetration tests to restricted off-shore access, HIPAA compliance, and more, Pareto is 100% committed to protecting your data. Period. We are also HITRUST certified.

Systems that are HITRUST CSF Certified include fileshare system, databases, web applications, and supporting infrastructure.

Our Secure Platform

Meet Our Team

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